Jonathan Frost has acquired a peerless reputation as a charming and chilling entertainer. Mr. Frost performs for diverse audiences –from upscale venues to amusement parks– winning over thousands of fans.

Frost's new offering "Mindreading and the Macabre" had a thrilling New York debut in 2011 and is booked for Florida runs in 2012. His collection of antiquated mysteries proved to be a crowd pleaser!

Daring to explore deeper, darker levels of theatrical entertainment, Jonathan’s shows are amusing, seductive, and mesmerizing –if macabre– journeys from heavy-metal to heavy-mental. Early on a precocious child performer, moving through teen-angst years, the result is Jonathan's lifelong passion for paranormal/gothic performance-art.

Combining intensive training in theatre, a Master’s Degree, and expertise as an Epistemologist (the study of the extent and validity of knowledge and presuppositions) Jonathan offers off-beat diversions– ostensibly with one foot in the grave and the other foot firmly planted within your mind.

Jonathan Frost